Shalaam, Salom



Salaam, Shalom

Shalom, Salaam

Donít show me maps
and border plans

First set me free, untie my hands


Salaam, Shalom

Shalom, Salaam

What do we tell an unborn child
about the world heíll grow to find?


Salaam, Shalom.† Iím human too

Shalom, Salaam.† Iím just like you


My hands - stretched out -
await your hands

Not some handouts wrapped in kind words


Salaam, Shalom
Letís talk some more
but, as we talk, please break the chains


Salaam, Shalom, Salom, Shalaam

By that far land we both hold dear
letís take an oath; letís make it clear:

Thereíll be no slaves and masters there



February 27, 2003