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P. Kabal

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J. Abel, M. Kaniewska, C. Guillaumé, W. Tirry, H. Pulakka, V. Myllylä, J. Sjöberg, P. Aiku, I. Katsir, D. Malah, I. Cohen, M. A. T. Turan, E. Erzin, T. Schlien, P. Vary, A. H. Nour-Eldin, P. Kabal, and T. Fingscheidt

"A Subjective Listening Test of Six Different Artificial Bandwidth Extension Approaches in English, Chinese, German, and Korean", Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Acoustics, Speech, Signal Processing (Shanghai, China), pp. 5915-5919, March 2016.

In studies on artificial bandwidth extension (ABE), there is a lack of international coordination in subjective tests between multiple methods and languages. Here we present the design of absolute category rating listening tests evaluating 12 ABE variants of six approaches in multiple languages, namely in American English, Chinese, German, and Korean. Since the number of ABE variants caused a higher-than-recommended length of the listening test, ABE variants were distributed into two separate listening tests per language. The paper focuses on the listening test design, which aimed at merging the subjective scores of both tests and thus allows for a joint analysis of all ABE variants under test at once. A language-dependent analysis, evaluating ABE variants in the context of the underlying coded narrowband speech condition showed statistical significant improvement in English, German, and Korean for some ABE solutions.

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