McGill University, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  ECSE648, VLSI Design

INSTRUCTOR: Zeljko Zilic (

Office hours:
Thursday, Rm 542: 11:30-12:30 a.m.



Mass production of integrated systems, that has led to the enormous creation of wealth,  relies on high-quality design practices.  This course practices the basics of  integrated system design.   It concentrates on conquering the design flows and on practical implementation issues.

COURSE AIM: On completing this course, students should understand the essential VLSI Design tools and flows, and be able to undertake new designs based on the experience gained through a course project.


Background: Modeling, Algorithmic Background,  Circuit Representations [1 week]
Design flows and tools Design automation of electronic circuits and systems [4 weeks]
Testable Circuit Design: Ad hoc DFT, Observability additions, scan and standards [2 weeks]
Project Description: Specification and project schedule[2 weeks]
Design Validation: Techniques and methodologies in dynamic verification[2 weeks]
Design Review: Project checkup and feedback[2 weeks]
Presentations: [1 week]

GRADING SCHEME:  Project work: 50%.   Project report : 50%