Zeljko Zilic - Proposed Student Projects:

1. Software for synthesis, testing or verification

In this project group, a variety of small (or not so small) programming tasks can be selected for some of the most interesting (yet feasible) problems in the design of modern microsystems. The topics would be following the most recent research of mine. To get an idea, please consult my publication web page, or just drop me a note.

2. Design Verification Topics

Modern design challenges are virtually all about verification of increasingly complex systems. We have the efficient tool, MBAC, created by a Ph. D. student Marc Boule, for assertion-based verification and for debug. Projects ranging from the advanced use of verification through this tool to the contributions in its extensions are all being offered. Examples include designing web-based interfaces, exploring new parsers for HDLs, making system-level assertion extensions, debug interfaces to FPGAs etc.

4. Logic Synthesis for Incoming Technologies

Innovative algorithms will be implemented for the design with incoming circuit and system technologies - examples include, nanotube circuits, quantum circuits, molecular circuits etc.