SPICE For Microelectronic Circuits, 1st Edition

G. W. Roberts & A. S. Sedra

This directory contains the chapters for the text book, "Spice for Microelectronic Circuits, 1st Edition" by Roberts and Sedra. While the title of the book say Spice, the tool used through the text is PSPICE. All the PSPICE decks as they appear in the textbook are also listed below for easy access.

Chapter 1 Introduction To Spice

Chapter 2 Operational Amplifiers

Chapter 3 Diodes

Chapter 4 Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJTs)

Chapter 5 Field-effect Transistors (FETs)

Chapter 6 Differential And Multistage Amplifiers

Chapter 7 Frequency Response

Chapter 8 Feedback

Chapter 9 Output Stages And Power Amplifiers

Chapter 10 Analog Integrated Circuits

Chapter 11 Filters And Tuned Amplifiers

Chapter 12 Signal Generators And Waveform-Shaping Circuits

Chapter 13 MOS Digital Circuits

Chapter 14 Bipolar Digital Circuits

Comments & Questions: Prof. Roberts.
Date: June 3, 2020.