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P. Kabal

Paper Abstracts 1983


P. Kabal

"The Stability of Adaptive Minimum Mean Square Error Equalizers Using Delayed Adjustment", IEEE Trans. Communications, vol. 31, no. 3, pp. 430-432, March 1983.

The necessary and sufficient conditions for the stability and convergence of adaptive minimum mean square error equalizers are developed. The analysis includes the effect of delays in the adjustment path, as occur, for instance, when the decoder in a data transmission system delays its output decisions.

Conference papers

P. Kabal

"Quantizers for Symmetric Gamma Distributions", Proc. IEEE Globecom Conf. (San Diego, CA), pp. 214-218, Nov. 1983.

This paper discusses minimum mean-square error quantization for symmetric distributions. If the distribution satisfies a log-concavity condition, the optimal quantizer is itself symmetric. For the gamma distribution often used to model speech signals, the log-concavity condition is not satisfied. It is shown that for this distribution both the uniformly spaced and the non-uniformly spaced optimal quantizers are not symmetrical. New quantization tables giving the optimal levels for quantizers for the gamma distribution are given.

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